99 Acre Woods is an internet Pod cast series created by Jay Tyson and Chason LaPointe. The show mixes pop culture references and original story lines to create more adult themed show. 99 Acre Woods follows a group of animals who live in a run down beat up old national forest.

It is the ghetto of national forests and if an animal is brought there he or she is stuck there. The show centers around three main animals. A bear named Patty who thinks he is a re-incarnation of General Patton, but only the George C Scott Patton from the movie.

A rabbit named CB (Conspiracy Bunny) who thinks "the man" is everywhere experimenting on the animals who live in the forest. Finally a gender challenged beaver named Bud who is a nice guy and an amazing inventor more or less that just really loves his plant Mable, and has bad luck with women.

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