Alam Simsim is a lively and friendly place where all children are always welcome.The beloved characters and their human friends solve problems and have fun together in ways that help young children learn more about themselves. Alam Simsim encourages children--especially young girls--to be proud of who they are, appreciate different ways of life, and respect each other. Alam Simsim also helps children learn about health and hygiene, the environment, letters, and numbers in fun and engaging ways. Sesame Workshop collaborates with local producers, child development experts, educators, and child psychologists to develop the educational curriculum in response to local needs. A dynamic studio set, animation, live-action films, music composition, and a warm cast of characters puts fun into learning for Egyptian children. The co-production features three original characters developed by the project’s Egyptian production team. Alam Simsim is a co-production of Sesame Workshop and AlKarma Edutainment in Cairo. Active support and involvement comes from Egyptian education, media, film, television, and artistic communities, as well as with cooperation from Egypt’s Ministries of Education and Information, and a grant from the United States Agency for International Development. There are three seasons (170 30-minute episodes) of Alam Simsim. The program currently airs on ETV and MBC, where it can be seen via satellite across the Middle East.

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