Cookie Monster • (character)
Frank Oz • (Muppeteer)
"Tonight, Monsterpiece Theater proud to present classic play, The Taming of the Shoe, by William Shoespeare, famous podiatrist. Trust me."
―Alastair Cookie

Alistair Cookie hosts "Sesame Street"'s comedy-drama recurring sketch "Monsterpiece Theater". The segment is a parody of Alistair Cooke's popular television program, entitled "Masterpiece Theater", which debuted on PBS in 1971

Alistair Cookie is played by Sesame Street character Cookie Monster, and is performed by puppeteer Frank Oz. While Alistair Cookie is much calmer than Cookie Monster, he still has a tendency to eat various objects. In the early skits, he would consume his pipe, but later his pipe was removed from the skits, and the earlier ones would re-air with newly taped introductions.

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