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Behemoth & Shakey Sanchez
Behemoth, about to eat Shakey Sanchez.
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Behemoth & Sandy Duncan
An eyebrowed Behemoth with Sandy Duncan.
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Behemoth The Muppets
On a promotional clip for 2011's The Muppets.
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Behemoth is an orange monster who first appeared on The Muppet Show.

A notable moment for Behemoth was the musical number "Under My Skin", during which he tried to eat Shakey Sanchez while singing the song.

He first appeared in episode 114, where he was a full-body character for the only time and had black eyebrows instead of brown ones. He was given his name in Muppets Tonight episode 205, in which he was Ernst Stavros Grouper's assistant.

Behemoth has been performed by Richard Hunt (in episode 119), Dave Goelz (in episode 115), Jerry Nelson (in episode 202) and Bill Barretta (Muppets Tonight)

The name "Behemoth" comes from the Book of Job; it's used to describe an extremely large or powerful creature.

Behemoth has been used heavily in television promos for The Muppets. He was given a speaking role in the movie and in a promotional Disney Channel clip from November 2011. In the latter, Kermit the Frog orders Behemoth to "Roll it, Gene!" to which he replies " 'kay!" In these instances, Behemoth is performed by Bill Barretta. Though Behemoth being named Gene was named after Bill Barretta's brother Gene Barretta.


Book appearances


  1. Muppet Morsels, episode 115
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