Big Tiny Tallsaddle

Big Tiny Tallsaddle is the head of WHOG country radio ("Where everyone has a swill time!"). WHOG broadcasts from the Muppet Theater in "The Muppet Show" episode 521. He is something of a show-stealer and a bad-tempered host, invited on to the Muppet Show by Kermit in honor of the show's guest, country-western star Johnny Cash. Big Tiny ends up taking over the Muppet Theater (which he mistakenly calls the "Muffin Theater"), refuses to let Rowlf go on in favor of "Grampa McGwire and his Whistling Bricks" and wraps a microphone pole around the neck of anyone who displeases him. Johnny Cash, an old friend of Big Tiny, confirms that he is as "tough as a 25-cent steak".

After Big Tiny tries to replace Fozzie Bear with his nephew, Wally Whoopie, Kermit demands him to leave, but he reminds what he likes to do with necks and microphone stands. Scooter finally fools him into leaving by telling him that someone is outside letting all the air out of his horse, Old Pete. Big Tiny comes back at the end of the episode to borrow a bicycle pump.

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