Jerry Nelson • (1978 - 2003)
Matt Vogel • (2008 - present)
Camilla the Chicken
Camilla Fullbodied

Camilla the Chicken is a character from the Muppets. Gonzo loves Camilla because he has an obsession with Chickens. Camilla appeared on The Muppet Show and most of the Muppet movies. She usually appears with Gonzo. In The Muppet Movie she rode with Gonzo is his plumbing truck. In The Muppets Take Manhattan she was seen mainly with Gonzo again. Gonzo

Gonzo loves Camilla, but sometimes he chases after other chickens, because he's not always sure which chicken is which. After all, "they all look the same." However, Camilla can be identified by her blue eyelids.

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Whenever a scene with Camilla was shot, nobody could remember what color Camilla's eyes were, so Dave Goelz and Jim Henson devised a theory that Gonzo couldn't tell the chickens apart, and Gonzo would just assume that whatever chicken was with him was Camilla.[1]


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