Kermit the Frog • (Character)
Steve Whitmire • (Muppeteer)
Captain Abraham Smollett

Captain Abraham Smollett was portrayed in Muppet Treasure Island by Kermit the Frog.

Smollett is captain of the Hispaniola, a ship chartered by Squire Trelawney by way of Jim Hawkins for the means of hunting down a lost pirate treasure. On their journey, he is reunited with his past love, Benjamina Gunn.

He's a responsible, compassionate captain who is usually soft-spoken and forgiving, contrary to warnings that Samuel Arrow gives to Jim Hawkins.


  • Smollett's attire is still featured on display, along with Long John Silver's, at the Planet Hollywood gift shop located at Downtown Disney within the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.
  • Captain Smollett was made as an action figure for Palisades Toys' line of Muppet action figures. The figure was packaged with various accessories related to the character, his hat, sword, sword sheath and a Polly Lobster pack-in figure.