Carmen rosita

Carmen Osbahr, who performs Rosita and other characters, began her relationship with Sesame Street as a teenager in 1985, when she attended a puppetry workshop sponsored by The Jim Henson Company in her native Mexico City. She appeared on various television shows for Televisa (Mexico City), including The Treasure of Knowledge, and worked on The Songs of Cri-Cri, a special starring Placido Domingo. Osbahr was a member of the Plaza Sésamo cast before moving to New York, where she maintained ties to the show while pursuing her college education. In 1989, she officially became a Jim Henson Muppet performer, working for Sesame Street, City Kids, Dog City, Aliens in the Family, and Bear in the Big Blue House. Osbahr's other credits include Kiki in The Puzzle Place and a role in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. Carmen lives in Connecticut with her husband and son.

Performing Credits

Sesame Street: Rosita,

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