Brian Muehl • (1979-1984)
Richard Hunt • (1984-1985)
Kevin Clash • (1985 - 2014)
Ryan Dillon • (2013 - present)

Elmo is currently one of the main characters on "Sesame Street". He was just a background monster when he first appeared in the late 1970s However, when Brian Muehl and Richard Hunt decided to not perform Elmo, he gave the character to Kevin Clash, and asked him to create a voice. Thus, Elmo was revamped.

Now, he has become a major character, getting most of the episode plots and merchandise credits. In 1998, he received his own 15-minute segment, Elmo's World. Elmo first appeared as Baby Monster, and he was performed by Jerry Nelson. He also has a girlfriend named Zoe, though on the show they appear to be just friends.


TV Show

In Books

  • Elmo's Grandparents
  • Daisy - Elmo's Older Sister

Former Family

  • Kathy (Elmo's Sister), who is deceased
  • Elmohulo (Elmo's Cousin from Hawaii), who is deceased

Family Info

He has a mother and father on TV. In 3 books, Daisy is his sister. On "Sesame Street" and Elmo's World, Elmo has no siblings, but Mr. Noodle has 2 siblings (brother and sister, Ms. Noodle).

Casting History

Primary Performers

Other Performers


  • The Tickle Me Elmo toy was one the the hottest selling toys of its time.
  • On TV, he is one of the only Muppets without siblings.