Emily Bear is Fozzie Bear's mother. She appeared in a couple of episodes in The Muppet Show and later in A Muppet Family Christmas. In this special, Fozzie invites all the Muppets to spend Christmas in his mother's country house. She is friends with Statler & Waldorf, who also visit her every Christmas. Emily also appeared in The Muppets at Walt Disney World and The Muppet Christmas Carol.


  • In Muppet Magazine issue 21, in a letter to his friends promoting the upcoming special A Muppet Family Christmas, Fozzie invites his friends to his mom's house for Christmas. In this letter, his mother is named Agatha T. Bear. In the actual special, however, Kermit the Frog answers her phone as "Emily Bear residence." She also refers to herself as "Emily" when she appears in the final issue of The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion. Fozzie generally addresses her as either Ma or Mom, while others call her Mrs. Bear or Ms. Bear.