Ernest the Grouch

Ernest the Grouch is Oscar the Grouch's brother & the 2nd son of Mr. & Mrs. Grouch. He is also the brother of Otto the Grouch & Bunny. He looks like Oscar, but w/ big black eyebrows, a scuzzy green mustache, & a white collar & blue bow tie.

When Ernest came to visit his brother on Sesame Street, Oscar decided to prepare an unpleasant surprise for him by decorating his trash can, dressing in a tux, & treating Ernest like a gentleman. Determined not to let him have the last laugh, Ernest returned the favor. Soon the 2 of them tried to outdo each other, each asking Gina to fix the other a special treat at Hooper's. Finally, their grouchiness was returned when they found themselves fighting over a concoction only Grouches would enjoy.

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