Michael Earl • (1979 - 1981)
Richard Hunt • (1981 - 1992)
Forgetful Jones

Forgetful Jones is a cowboy, so named as he always forgets everything. He has 2 horses -- Buster, and Buster's brother Whatshisname. Forgetful's longtime girlfriend is Clementine. He has parents, a cousin, and a great-great grandfather.

Forgetful Jones appeared regularly on Sesame Street from Season 11 through Season 23. After the death of his performer, Richard Hunt, Forgetful Jones stopped appearing as a major character, though he did continue to make occasional non-speaking appearances, such as the finale of Elmo Saves Christmas and a 2009 episode.

Muppet Workshop designer and builder Laurent Linn discussed the puppeteer's approach to the character in the book Quilting with the Muppets: "Forgetful Jones...brought out more of the simple, sweet side of Richard, in the midst of some of his other more outrageous characters."


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