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Fraggle Rock Is A weekly half-hour show created by Henson Associates, producers of "The Muppet Show." Fraggle Rock is a small place, existing just beyond everyday reality. It is populated by an entirely new cast of Jim Henson Muppets. The series is funny, warm, musical and highly entertaining-involving its Muppet characters each week in a story about life inside, above and under Fraggle Rock. While the show in aimed chiefly at 7-12 year olds, the appeal of its puppet characters will undoubtedly find Fraggle Rock a wider audience. It is designed to be viewed in an early evening family period. Fraggle Rock's first series of twelve shows will be produced in Toronto, Canada, between March and July, 1982, and be available for broadcast internationally in January 1983. The second series of twenty-four shows will be produced during 1983 for broadcast in January 1984. - Fraggle Rock Pitch book

Fraggle Rock was a television series that aired on HBO from January 10, 1983 to March 30, 1987. 96 Episodes were made. Brian Henson announced that Fraggle Rock: The Movie is in production in 2008 or 2009. Fraggle Rock was one of the first international television series in History. The Show was Created by Jim Henson. There are four main species in Fraggle Rock, The Humans which was Doc and his Dog Sprocket, The Fraggles, the giant Gorgs, and the Doozers.

The first and second season have been released by HIT Entertainment. The first season included a behind the scenes look at the show and the international versions, the creator of the show Jim Henson hosted the video. In the second season interviews of the cast and producers and a look at the life of Jerry Juhl who passed a few years earlier.

Inhabitants of Fraggle Rock

These are a few of the main inhabitants from the television show Fraggle Rock.




The Doozers


Pa and Junior Gorg


The All Knowing Trash Heap

The Fraggles

Fraggles Average About Eighteen inches in height, come in all shapes, colors and ages, and have an endless supply of energy. Fraggles like to sing, dance, wear silly hatsm go to parties, feast, gather things, cheer, stomp Doozers, explore and have adventures. There are approximately ten thousand Fraggles all together, but we only get to know only a few of them well. Doc has never yet seen a Fraggle, and maybe never will. Sprocket, on the other hand, has seen to many. Every time a Fraggle ventures out into the Workshop, and takes some exciting object back down the hole to Fraggle Rock, Sprocket gets the blame. That Fraggle is usually Gobo - Fraggle Rock Pitch book

The Doozers

Doozers Are Six Inches tall, or knee-high to a Fraggle. Doozers are methodical, thorough, plodding and single-minded. They spend most of their waking hours building. Often their building is accompanied by marching songs and various Doozer chants. No one except the Doozers understand the purpose of their intricate and beautiful constructions. And the Fraggles don't care. Many People, Including Fraggles, think of Doozers as faceless, mindless little automatons, each the same as the last. But such is not the case. When they quit work for the day, Doozers take off their helmets and Voila!-mother and father Doozers, little kids and teenage rebels, aspiring poets, joggers, whittlers, loafers, cooks and readers, maiden aunts, grumpy uncles, Cheerful Charlies, Doozers are a varied lot. Doozers and Fraggles live in a state of uneasy harmony. Since Fraggles take frequent naps and Doozers build so quickly and efficiently, this sort of thing happens a lot - Fraggle Rock Pitch book

The Gorgs

Beyond Fraggle Rock Lies the Kingdom of the Gorgs. The Gorgs are huge, fifteen times th, the size of a Fraggle. There are only three Gorgs that we know about -Ma, Pa and Junior. They are all that remains of the Gorg Royal Family. At one time, their clan ruled the universe. Now the three surviving Royal Gorgs live in a crumbling tower of what once was the family castle. Pa Is King, Ma is Queen and Junior functions as the rest of the Royal Court. One day he is heir apparent ; the next, jester; the next, lady-in-waiting. While preserving the last vestiges of monarch, the Gorgs farm. After all, they've got to eat. The Fraggles Have No use for the Gorgs as monarchs, but they do like to gather giant vegetables from the Gorg's garden. One radish is enough to feed a dozen Fraggles. In Return, The Gorgs try to thump the Fraggles whenever possible. - Fraggle Rock Pitch book

The Trash Heap

The Trash Heap Lives in a pit in the woods behind the Gorg's castle. She is a living compost heap-an ancient collection of old grapefruit rinds, grass clippings, tin cans, coffee grounds, potato peels and assorted trash which one day mysteriously came to life. The Fraggles think she is omniscient. They come to her in times of trouble to beg for advice which she willingly gives. Her pronouncements sound a little like Dear Abby on a bad day, The Fraggles always listen respectfully-almost reverently-to her advice. - Fraggle Rock Pitch book


Major characters

Minor Characters


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DVD Box Sets


Shortly after the initial success of the TV show, a series of children's books were made.


  • Ronneland, the company that designed the DVD menus for the Fraggle Rock Season 1 DVD set is the same company that designed the Jellyfishland web site featuring puppet Buck Denver.

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