From a fun-loving group of furry subterranean creatures came: millions of fans, 100 original songs, 96 total episodes, 5 seasons but only one First Season Boxed Set. Dance your cares away with the complete first season of Fraggle Rock. Featuring all 24 episode never before available on DVD! Filled with all of the Fraggley fun you've been waiting for, Share in the music and memories that have kept fans rockin' for more than twenty years! So save your worries for another day and experience 715 minutes of frag-tastic fun in the ultimate Fraggle Rock collection. - HIT Entertainment

Fraggle Rock Season One is the very first season of Fraggle Rock which includes the first twenty-four episodes of the show. Plus a bonus disk which includes new interviews from the cast and crew plus a documentary by Jim Henson which shows behind the scenes of Fraggle Rock like how they build the puppets.

The set also includes a replica notebook of the original idea of Fraggle Rock by Jim Henson, The first name for the show was going to be the "Woozle World." To see the list of episodes in the first season visit here.

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