Frazzletones And The Rip


Frazzle and the Frazzletones

The Frazzletones
, a backup singing group of monsters, appeared on Sesame Street in 1975 singing the song "Frazzle" with Frazzle himself. The song was released on the album The Sesame Street Monsters!.

Maurice Monster was one of the monsters. The dark-blue Frazzletone monster was made out of the Harvey Monster puppet with a yellow wig added. The Frazzletones were performed by Christopher Cerf, Richard Hunt, and Jerry Nelson. Notice that the afforementioned Frazzletone Monster looks and sounds like Little Chrissy of Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats. In fact, all the characters' voices were done by the very same puppeteers.Later there's a tall girl monster with a jellyfish cap with long strings, Christina appears in a new version of Frazzle with rip lines on circles.

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