"Wake up in the Morning, Get yourself to work, Fraggles never fool around, Fraggles never shirk"
―Gobo Fraggle [src]
Gobo's bravery and his ability to concentrate on something for more than three seconds make him the leader of his group of Fraggle friends. He's the organizer, the instigator. Everybody admires Gobo. When he rushes back from the workshop and tells them all about his adventures, his friends listen respectfully. They don't believe him, but they still admire him. Gobo's closest friends are Wmebley, Red, Mokey and Boober. These five Fraggles are the main characters on the show.

Gobo Fraggle is the leader of the Fraggle Five and is one of the main characters from Fraggle Rock. Gobo is an explorer who someday wants to be like his Uncle Traveling Matt to go to "Outer Space" and explore the world of the Silly creatures. Gobo was designed by Michael K. Frith.

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