Eric Jacobson • (1998 - present)

Grover is a friendly monster character from Sesame Street. His first appearance was on The Ed Sullivan Show as a dark green puppet. This version of Grover also appeared in season 1 of Sesame Street, and soon turned into the fuzzy blue character that we know today.

He has many jobs on Sesame Street: assisting Kermit the Frog and others with demonstrations, working as a waiter at Charlie's Restaurant, taxi driver, picture frame maker, and various others. Grover also frequently transformed into his alter ego, Super Grover, who would fly around "solving" everyday problems.

When Frank Oz is unavailable, Eric Jacobson performs Grover for various scenes and skits. Grover also hosts a skit in the later seasons of Sesame Street entitled Global Grover, in which he shows videos of his adventures around the world.


The character who would eventually become Groverwas first seen on "The Ed Sulivan Show" in a Christmas Eve appearance in 1967. He appeared as Gleep, a monster in Santa's workshop. He later made a cameo appearance in The Muppets On Puppets in 1968 with the Rock and Roll Monster. In 1969, clad in a necktie, he appeared in the Sesame Street Pitch Reel in the board room sequences.

During the first season of Sesame Street, this darker pre-cursor to Grover made several appearances (like many of the puppets used on Ed Sullivan), and by the end of the season he was re-named Grover. By Season 2, his fur became blue, and his voice and personality began to change to those we know today. The green-furred puppet would be used again as Grover's mother in a sketch in which Grover is afraid of the dark, and has trouble sleeping.

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