Jim Henson • (1969 - 1990)
Eric Jacobson • (2005 - present)

America's favorite game show host

Guy Smiley is recurring Muppet character on Sesame Street. He is typically seen portraying a game show host, but he occasionally takes on other roles. Some of his game shows include "Beat the Time" and "Where Do I Belong?". The "prizes" vary, depending on who the contestants are. His game show studio is often destroyed by his contestants. His most recent appearance was in a 2005 PBS promo about reading.

Casting history

Main Performers:

Alternate Performers:


  • In his first appearance, he was called Sonny Friendly, a name later given to another Sesame Street game show host.
  • Since Guy Smiley's loud voice was a strain on Jim Henson's throat, most of his skits were pre-recorded, so that he could perform other characters.
  • Steve Whitmire performed him once in a background appearance in Season 32.
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