Hal Smith (August 24, 1916 - January 28, 1994) was an American character actor and voice-over artist. Smith was best known as Otis Campbell, the town drunk on The Andy Griffith Show and as the voice of the Disney cartoon character Goofy after Pinto Colvig died. He provided the voice of Owl in many of the Winnie the Pooh shorts and features. In the 1960s he provided the voices for many characters in Davey and Goliath. from 1960 to 1961 he was the voice of Elmer Fudd after Arthur Q. Bryan died. In 1983, he reprised his role as Owl and also voiced Winnie The Pooh in Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore. It was the first and only time he did Pooh. In 1988's The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh TV series, Jim Cummings took over as Pooh while Smith again played Owl.


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