Harry and the Tyrannosaurus Rex made it’s debut at the Los Angeles Zoo in the summer of 2004. It is loosely based on the Aesop fable, The Lion and the Mouse.


Harry and the Tyrannosaurus Rex tells the story of Harry, a young mammal of the Late Cretaceous Period. He wants to impress his Pachycepholsaurus friends, Sid and Ed, by scaring away a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex. To do this he enlists the aid of several friendly dinosaurs including an Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and Pteranodon. When Harry finally faces the Tyrannosaurus Rex he discovers that jumping to conclusions can lead to big mistakes - and in the process he learns what makes a true friend.

Harry and the Tyrannosaurus Rex was written by Sean Johnson, Patrick Johnson, and Anita Coulter. The puppets were designed by Patrick Johnson and built by Patrick Johnson and Sean Johnson. The show is performed by two Swazzle puppeteers. During the Los Angeles Zoo run Anita Coulter, and Tim Sweeney performed most of the shows with Victoria Johnson, Sean Johnson, Patrick Johnson performing the rest. The touring show is performed by Sean Johnson and Patrick Johnson.


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