Harry the Duck

Harry the Duck is a character from Bear in the Big Blue House. He has a mother, Mama Duck, and a baby sister, Hallie Duck. They all live in the pond that Pip and Pop call "The Otter Pond". The ducks, however, prefer to call it "Duck Pond".

Harry really looks up to Bear, but has trouble relating to him informally. He calls him "Mr. Bear", despite Bear's assurances that it's okay to simply call him "Bear."

In contrast to the other characters, Harry is still working on speaking without making animal sounds. Therefore, his speech is sometimes punctuated by loud quacking.

Harry lives with his mama at the Otter Pond, although they call it the Duck Pond. He often visits the Big Blue House to play, though.

In the fourth season, Harry became a big brother when his little sister Hallie hatched.

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