Episode 4257

Hubert the Human Cannonball is a daredevil who will appear in episode 4257 of Sesame Street. In that episode, he came to Sesame Street to be launched out of a cannon, across the yard and into a bucket of blue gelatin. Hubert sets up in the arbor and takes out a ruler, so he can make sure the bucket is exactly five feet from the cannon. After Baby Bear helps him measure, Elmo and Telly help Hubert into the cannon. Then, there’s a poof and Hubert tumbles out of the cannon. Baby Bear measures the distance, and, to Hubert’s dismay, he has flown zero feet. They figure out that the cannon must be broken, and then they each decide to devise other ways to launch Hubert. Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, Baby Bear thinks he can engineer something just forceful enough, and builds a launcher for Hubert using a giant rubber band. Hubert lands precisely five feet away, right into the bucket of blue gelatin – and the crowd goes wild.