Just the Way You Are
Author: Kara McMahon
Illustrator: Joe Mathieu
Publisher: Dalmatian Press
Date Released: 2005

Just the Way You Are is a Sesame Street book about being yourself. The author of this book is Kara Mcmahon and the illustrator was Joe Mathieu. Zoe enjoys ballet and when she asks Elmo to pratice ballet with him Elmo says that he does not like ballet as much as Zoe does. Zoe wants Elmo to like her so she gives her tutu to Oscar the Grouch. Elmo gets Zoe's tutu from Oscar and tells Zoe that Elmo would like her if she was Firefighter Zoe or Farmer Zoe. So Elmo pratices being Super Dooper Elmo and Zoe Pratices ballet.

Illustrated Characters

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