The Crowd Watching Red Fraggle


Red: You want to see it again?

Let The Water Run is the 3rd Episode of Fraggle Rock. It aired on January 24, 1983. It was written by Jocelyn Stevenson and directed by Perry Rosemond.


Red has planned a one-Fraggle swim show, but just before the performance, a drought hits Fraggle Rock and the swimming hole becomes a mud puddle. The Pipe Bangers are unable to work their usual magic. Can Red solve the problem and get the show out of the mud?


  • Pipe Bangers are fraggles who bang pipes when the water disappears.


  • This is the only episode to have the Pipe Bangers. But do appear on a animated version episode of Fraggle Rock.

Doc & Sprocket

Doc tries to fix the pipes (again) and Sprocket helps.

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Let The Water Run

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