Lisa Buckley
Gender Female
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Currently lead puppeteer of eebee.

  • 2004- 2008: “eebee” – Sony Wonder / Performed and built main puppet character “eebee” for children’s DVD series.
  • 1993-2008: “Sesame Street” – Sesame Workshop / Performed “Betty Lou” and various other characters.
  • 2007 “Badu of Desa Wanabalu” -No Strings International

Performed various characters for 5-disaster relief videos distributed in Indonesia.

  • 2006 “Johnny and the Sprites” – Playhouse Disney

Performed various Fuzzies and was assistant puppeteer to principal characters.

  • 2005- “Blues Room” – Nickelodeon

2006 Performed and built 5 puppet characters for children’s TV series.

  • 2004 “It’s A Magic Al World” - Playwrights New Horizons, NYC

Performed and built main puppet character “Yikes” the rabbit, in an Off- Broadway children’s play.

  • 2001- “House of Tales” -Musical English: Korea

2002 Designed and built 15 puppet characters for English as a Foreign Language video series. Puppet captain and lead performer. (In Korea for 11 weeks)

  • 2001- “Gotcha!” -Gotcha Productions Limited: Dublin, Ireland

2002 Designed and built 6 puppet characters for European television series. Was puppet captain and lead performer. (In Dublin Ireland for 3 weeks)

  • 1999- Stepping Stone Children’s Museum: Norwalk, CT

2000 Designed and built two characters for welcome video and children’s interactive video installation. Performed “Dulsee.”

  • 1999- “Reading Road Show”, “ Mathmatazzz”-The Dovetail Group /CTW

1996 Scott Forsman/Addison Wesley Designed and built, 5 puppet characters, 4 poseables used for photo shoots. Performed principle characters “Daisy” and “Annie.” 6 additional puppets were provided for background and featured bits.

  • 1998 “Pebble Soup” - CTW/Rigby

Designed and built 3 poseable models used for photo shoots, for early childhood program.

  • 1998 Mercer Mayer’s “Little Critter” - Big Tuna Inc.

Designed, built and performed” Little Critter” puppet, also shot and edited short video.

  • 1998 “Ty & Lacy”- The Dovetail Group Inc./CTW International

Designed, built & performed puppets for series pilot.

  • 1998 Sesame English Tours- The Dovetail Group Inc./CTW

Performed puppet “Mike” character for pilot.

  • 1997- “GE Science”- General Electric/CTW/Dovetail Group Inc.

1998 Designed and built 3 puppets and 2 stunt doubles for 40 science spots, performed main character “Omni”. (Aired in China)

  • 1996 “Lunker Lake”Peppercorn Productions/Gaylord/Greystone

Built 5 puppets for the movie “Lunker Lake”. Performed “Ruby Poteet.”

  • 1996 “Men In Black” - Columbia Pictures

Assisted in the manipulation of “Baby Alien “.

  • 1996 “Opening for Sony Theatres” - Sony Pictures/CTW

Performed numerous characters for new opening for Sony Theatres.

  • 1996 “Crow Police“ - MCA/Universal - BOMP Productions

Designed 2 puppets used to produce demo for television action series.

  • 1996 “Charlie and Chops” - Scholastic - Charlie and Chops Productions

Performed puppet characters for 3 -1/2 hour shows for video distribution.

  • 1995 “PBS interstitials”- Top Dog Media

Co-designed, built and performed puppets for numerous interstitials.

  • 1995 “YaHoo Bugaboo” - Realm Productions

Built and performed principle puppets used to produce 3, 1/2 hour TV shows.

  • 1994 “Jelly Bean Jungle” - Sunshine Kid Video

Built 7 puppets used to produce 13 shows currently being aired in syndication.

  • 1993- “Dog City “ - FOX - Tadpole Productions

1994 Performed puppet character “Miss Fluffe”for Saturday morning series.

  • 1993 “Galaxy Classroom “- QED West Productions & Hughes Corp.

Performed puppet character “Quizzer”for educational video series.

  • 1993 “Kokomo Music Video”- Jim Henson Productions

Performed various Muppets for music video aired on VH-1.

  • 1993 “Adventures of Timmy the Tooth“ - Jim Henson Productions

Performed various Muppets for 10 shows for video distribution.

  • 1993 “Alef ...Bet...Blast-off! “ - JTN & Toons Inc.

Designed puppets and sculpted puppet heads for television series.

  • 1992 “Gotcha “ - James Phillips Distribution Co.

Designed 13 puppet characters and built puppet prototype.

  • 1991 “Scorch “ - CBS - Lorimar Productions

Worked as a puppeteer and technical supervisor for 6 episodes of “Scorch”.

  • 1991 “Space Cats “ - NBC - Bon Bon Pictures Corp.

Designed, built and performed puppets for half-hour Saturday morning series.

  • 1986-1990: “Alf “ - NBC - Alien Productions / Co-Designed, co-built 5 puppets used for the series and assisted in the manipulation of 100 episodes of “Alf”. / “Help me Rhonda” Designed and built puppets- “Skip”,“Rhonda”&“Stella.”Performed “Rhonda.” / “The Clown Show ” Alf - NBC - Alien Productions / Designed, built and performed clock puppet.
  • 1990: “A Very Retail Christmas “ - NBC - Lighten-up Productions / Designed, built and performed puppets for prime-time special.
  • 1989: “The Wickedest Witch “ - NBC - Lighten-up Productions / Designed, built and performed puppets for prime-time special.
  • 1985: “Sams Most Electrifying Account “ - Filmgroup LT & Edison Electric / Designed, built and performed puppets for one-hour educational film.
  • 1984-1986: “JJ, TX & Friends and Kidstime” - WTXX ( Channel 20 ) / Designed, built and performed puppets for daily kids shows.
  • 1980-1983: Imagicom Productions, Inc. - Metromedia Productions / Designed, built and performed puppets for six holiday specials.

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