Maria Gurevich is a world-renowned puppet builder and designer. She was born on 8.10.1964 in Moscow, Russia. In 1983, she graduated from Moscow College of Art, where she specialized in Stage Design. In 1990, Gurevich and her family moved to Israel, where she continued to explore the arts of fabricating puppets. Before long, the talented new artist started to create a buzz in the local industry and eventually became a success story. Gurevich’s professional style and European manners made her desirable for various puppet-related productions. Today, Gurevich is a very successful puppet builder and an inspiration to aspiring puppet artists.

Throughout the years, Gurevich has also become more and more involved in TV productions around the world, especially in the United States and England. She is known for her signature clean, meticulous work, as the final art piece always appears as a replica of the original drafted design. Maria Gurevich also known for her art dolls which she exhibits around the world in places such as New York, Moscow ands Austria. Maria Gurevich is exclusively represented by FurryPuppet Studio in New York.

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