Marjory the Trash Heap is a Trash Heap Full-Bodied Puppet from the Television show Fraggle Rock. She gives advice to Fraggles when they are in trouble. She usually always appears with her two assistants, Philo and Gunge.

It is revealed in the episode The Thirty Minute Work Week that Marjory first would have chosen to be a fireman. Her only problem is that she did not know how to start a fire. In another episode Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe the Trash Heap is frozen solid so the Fraggles use a pot of soup that the Gorgs made to unfreeze her.

In one episode The Great Radish Famine she makes all of the Radishes come to her and will not let anyone have them until one Fraggle, Doozer and a Gorg meet each other. Following a song that she sings with clips from the Gorg, Fraggle and Doozer "I can Almost See a World of Perfect Harmony."

The Fraggles always come to Marjory when there is trouble in Fraggle Rock. Her role was not as large in Season Two as Season One, Almost appearing in every episode in season one and appearing in a handful of shows in Season Two. Marjory is performed and voiced by Jerry Nelson.

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