Moishe Oofnik

Moishe Oofnik, contemplating life's joyous miseries

Moishe Oofnik (מוישה אופניק) is a brown Grouch who lives in a broken car. He's the resident Grouch on Rechov Sumsum, the Israeli co-production of Sesame Street, & also appeared in the bilingual version, Shalom Sesame and the later Israeli-Palestinian co-production Rechov Sumsum/Shara'a Simsim. In 2006, he returned for the new version of Rechov Sumsum.

He is the cousin of Oscar the Grouch (so he is also the cousin of Ernest & Otto the Grouch and their sister Bunny), and, not surprisingly, he shares many of his cousin's tastes. Rather than celebrating Rosh Hashanah by dipping apple slices into honey for a sweet new year, Moishe tells us that Oofniks prefer to dip them into sardine grease so the new year will be slimy. He loves to hear Itzhak Perlman play violin, as long as the music is off-key. If he responds lovingly to flowers and puppies, it's probably a sign that he's gotten a bad case of spring fever.

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