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Mopatop's Shop was a United Kingdom television show that starred a large green Muppet named Mopatop, his red duck-like assistant Puppyduck and her sand duck-like assistant Ruppyduck Mopatop's Shop ran for four seasons airing daily on CITV. The location of the show was in a store that Mopatop and Puppyduck ran, It was a wondrous shop where you could find anything.




Mopatop's Shop is a wondrous shop where you can get everything you could ever want - a rainbow, the hiccups or a friend. The show, aimed at pre-school age children, features Mopatop and his 2 assistants Puppyduck and Ruppyduck. The aim of the show is to introduce children to a variety of concepts such as circles and squares and musical sounds by the use of imagination, humor and the inventive use of language.


See: List of Mopatop's Shop Episodes

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