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Mr. Dressup was a Canadian Children's television show that ran from 1967 to 1996. Ernie Coombs starred as Mr. Dressup and the two Puppet Characters a small boy named Casey and his dog Finnegan. They lived in a Treehouse outside while Mr. Dressup lived inside.

Judith Lawerence performed both Casey and Finnegan until retirement in 1990. After Lawerence's retirement new Puppet characters were added, Chester the Crow, Annie, Truffles and Lorenzo the Raccoon. Rather than replace Judith Lawerence Casey and Finnegan they instead appeared less and less on the show until they were rarely seen.

The most famous segment was when Mr. Dressup would reach into the Tickle Trunk and pull out a costume for a skit or play. It might be an animal costume, or a policeman's, or fireman's uniform, or some other outfit in which he could dress up and play whatever role the costume suggested. Also, there was an amazing drawing board, where Mr. Dressup's drawings/paintings would tell a story.