Mrs. Grouch 1

Mrs. Grouch at her son's trash can.

Mrs. Grouch 4237

Mrs. Grouch's most recent appearance from episode 4237.

Mrs. Grouch is Oscar the Grouch's mother. She is also the mother of Oscar's brothers, Ernest & Otto & Oscar's sister Bunny. She has visited Sesame Street various times over the years, including episode 3141 to make sure that her son is still grouchy & hasn't been turned nice. That same year, she also appeared in the special Sesame Street Stays Up Late, communicating by phone with her son & other relatives.

Mrs. Grouch lives in Illinois. She was the one who gave Oscar his present (the old sneaker) as a baby, as Oscar described in "I Love Trash". Whether she is a widow or divorced from Oscar's father is unknown.

A running gag between Mrs. Grouch & Oscar is that whenever Oscar would say "please", she would wash his mouth out with vanilla ice cream.

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