Noel Cowherd

Noel Cowherd

Noel Cowherd is a cowboy who appeared occasionally on "Sesame Street". In one insert, he visited a saloon and defeated Billy the Grownup in a square fight (a fight in which two people race to draw a certain number of squares first). Billy takes losing well and invites Noel to join him in painting the town red. He later appeared with Johnny Cash and some other cow folk, telling each other far-fetched stories in the song "Tall Tale"

Noel was also heard in a few albums, singing cowboy or folk songs in Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown and Kids' Favorite Songs.

His name is a pun, playing on the cowboy's occupation and the famous playwright/actor Noël Coward. His design, voice, and persona are reminiscent of Gabby Hayes.