Noel MacNeal (Born 1961) is a puppeter, writer, and director of children's TV, best known as the voice and puppeteer of Bear in "Bear in the Big Blue House" and "Breakfast with Bear". He first came to public attention in the early 1980's.

His characters are Bear, Mommy Snuffleupagus and various Snuffleupagus relatives on Sesame Street. He has also been Magellan, a baby dragon, on the ACE Award winning series Eureeka's Castle on Nick J.R., Leon MacNeal in The Puzzle Place (which is Noel's name bacwards); Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and Madame Chairbird in the film Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird.

Puppeteer Credits

Bear in the Big Blue House - Bear, others
Sesame Street - various
The Puzzle Place - Leon MacNeal
Breakfast with Bear - Bear
Eureeka's Castle - Magellan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael
Between the Lions - Lionel (2009-onward)

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