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The cast of Oobi.

Oobi Grampu Uma Kako Noggin Nick Jr. Hand Puppet TV Show

The show's main characters.

Oobi is a children's television series airing on Noggin. The show stars Tim Lagasse as Oobi, Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Uma, Noel MacNeal as Kako and Tyler Bunch as Grampu.


Main characters

  • Oobi - The main character of the show, a curious hand puppet with hazel eyes.
  • Uma - Oobi's three-year-old sister who wears a barrette in the full-length episodes.
  • Kako - Oobi's excitable and slightly arrogant best friend who often wears a red cap. His eyes are green.
  • Grampu - Oobi and Uma's caring grandfather. He has hazel eyes.

Recurring characters

  • Inka - Oobi and Angus' piano teacher. Grampu has a crush on her.
  • Angus - A friend of Oobi, Uma and Kako who is almost always nervous.
  • Mrs. Johnson - Oobi's elderly neighbor and one of Grampu's friends.
  • Mamu and Papu - Kako's good-natured parents, who encourage others to try new things.
  • Maestru - Oobi and Kako's singing instructor.
  • Frieda - A foot and a good friend of Oobi.
  • Moppie - Uma's best friend from preschool.
  • Bella - The owner of the local grocery store.


26 full-length episodes and 49 shorts of Oobi were aired.


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