Oobi Dasdasi Hand Puppet Show Characters

Oobi: Dasdasi is a spin-off of the Oobi puppet show that aired on IRIB TV2 in Iran and NHK in Japan.

The American prop makers from Oobi supplied the puppet costumes and props, many of which were identical to those on the original show. However, the cast was completely new, featuring some of Iran's foremost puppeteers from Kolah Ghermezi. In an interview, the producers revealed that their company had screened English episodes of Oobi before developing the concept and decided to create a tailored version for a new audience.[1]

It started production in January 2012 and was filmed from May to September of that year. The first season was shown from September 22 to December 20.[2] As of 2013, it has been broadcast in seven territories.[3][4][5] It has yet to be played outside of Asia.


The main characters are a family of five hand puppets: a boy and a girl, their parents, and their grandfather. The kids are mischievous and like to play tricks on their parents and each other. They are impressionable, easily amused, and known for daydreaming a lot. However, they are also genuinely curious about the world. They often come to Mom and Dad with questions about science topics, like perception and the four seasons. Other times, they are interested in sillier things, like how to buy ice cream or play a mimicking game. No matter the episode's topic, the kids always learn about it in an awkward and humorous way.

In a departure from the American show's format, the episodes have a unique structure. The stories are eight minutes each, with two or three intermissions. During these transition scenes, a duo of puppets called the Palms have short adventures that relate to the episode's topic. They are upright hands with faces on their palms. They are sometimes joined by their friend Finger, a male little finger with a brown wig.





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