Phil Harmonic

Phil Harmonic is the host of the Nestropolitan Opera's "Live from the Nest" opera series. He introduced various opera numbers starring Placido Flamingo, including "The Telephone of Brazil", "Peligro" and the "Up and Down Opera".

In other episodes he introduced such stars as a diva rehearsing the alphabet, "Charmin'", and an ensemble who performed the rhyming opera "Wally". In addition, he has announced James Galway on "Great Performances".

He has an Uncle Donny who sometimes accompanies him to the opera, but needs to be reminded not to snore through the performance.

Interestingly, although the master of ceremonies, Phil generally gives his introductions from a seat in the audience rather than onstage, presumably because he was addressing the T.V. audience rather than that which was in the theater. Though he did come up onstage at the end of Peligro to announce that the opera had to be postponed thanks to set destruction.

The name is a parody of the term philharmonic, which refers to a full-sized orchestra.

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