Phil Vischer
Phil Vischer
Gender Male
Birth Date June 16, 1966
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Phil Vischer, although best known for founding Big Idea Productions and VeggieTales, is also a puppeteer and creator of the popular puppet web series, The Jelly News, which is produced from his new creative shop, Jellyfish Labs, located in Wheaton, IL.

Vischer's first exploration into puppetry came around age six when his grandfather bought him a puppet. "It was a cute little brown fuzzy guy he had picked up somewhere, and I quickly discovered that I could bring him to life, and he could say all the funny thoughts that popped in my head while I stayed hidden behind the couch."[1] He later joined the puppet team at Bible college where he met another puppeteer, Mike Nawrocki, who would become his best friend and co-creator of the VeggieTales animated series.

Vischer's most notable puppet character is Buck Denver, anchor of The Jelly News, but he also performs Captain Pete, Helen Rosenfiddle, Kid on the Street, and he voices almost every other character that appears in the broadcast.


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