Professor Albert Einslime

Professor Albert Einslime is a worm scientist who leads the team of WASA experts during Slimey's trip to the Moon. Headquartered at mission control on Sesame Street, Dr. Einslime's first call to action was during a crisis on board the Wiggleprise in episode 3713. Einslime, with Oscar's help, oversaw a recovery assignment to get the ship back on course after the crew became stir crazy and fought over a pink bowling ball.

He again played an integral part during the moon landing in episode 3740, often relaying information to Oscar, who would translate for special Sesame Street News correspondent Robert MacNeil.

When the landing capsule was scheduled for splashdown in episode 3785, Einslime completed his duty for the worm space mission. Fortunately, the scientist was on hand when The Count's thunder and lightening changed the capsule's destination for splashdown, with its coordinates targeted for Sesame Street. Thinking quickly on his feet (so to speak), Einslime ordered the acquisition of a portable mini splashdown facility, which the residents of Sesame Street produced in the form of a washbucket.

Einslime later returned to Sesame Street to send Glo Worm to the moon in episode 4142.

In his original appearances, Einslime would only speak by babbling. In his later appearance in episode 4142, he was able to speak perfect English, and with a German accent.

Professor Albert Einslime is a spoof of the famous physicist Albert Einstein.

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