Character Information:
Designed by Patrick Johnson
Built by Same as previous field
Aliases Reggie
Voiced by Patrick Johnson
Performed by Same as previous field

Reggie is a reindeer who stars along with Polly Polar Bear in the Swazzle puppet show, Polly Polar Bear and the Prince of the Sea. He and Polly share a small cottage in the freezing Canadian Arctic. Reggie can be very greedy, and needs to be taught that it's important to appreciate what you have instead of always wanting more. Reggie was designed and built by Patrick Johnson.


In December, 2006 Reggie appeared in Frosty's 12 Days of Christmas Podcast. The puppet was dressed up and altered slightly so he could appear as all nine of Santa's reindeer. The various characters were performed by Patrick Johson, p[Victoria Johnson]], and Kevin Carlson.

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