Ricky Raccoon faces the Garbage Man.


Puppet designs by Patrick Johnson.

Ricky Raccoon and the Recycling Ray is a puppet show made by Swazzle. Super Garbage Collector Ricky Raccoon has just finished cleaning the park for the big City Festival when suddenly Rat Man appears. While Ricky is gone Rat Man dumps litter everywhere and carries Bandit, Ricky's little brother, off to his lair. Now Ricky Raccoon must use his Recycling Ray to save Bandit and get the park clean before the Festival begins.

Ricky Raccoon made it’s debut in the Summer of 2005. It was written by Patrick Johnson, Sean Johnson, and Anita Coulter. The puppets were designed by Patrick Johnson, and built by Sean and Patrick Johnson. The show is performed by Sean Johnson and Tim Sweeney.


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