Dutch preschoolers and their families have enjoyed more than 30 educational and engaging years of Sesamstraat. The show, which launched in The Netherlands in 1976 on Nederlandse Programma Stichting NPS, is now considered a classic, beloved by children and parents alike. In its 28th season, Sesamstraat highlights important social and emotional lessons that feature a dynamic studio set, animation, live-action films, music composition, a warm cast of characters, and celebrity appearances. The material is developed in collaboration with educational content specialists who help put the fun into learning for Dutch children. In December 2003, a new baby pig named Purk joined the cast, which includes the lovable characters Pino, Tommie, and Ieniemienie. Sesamstraat is broadcast two times a day on Zappelin Nederland 3. Each season includes 120 15-minute episodes.

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