Swazzle Workshop: Episode 01 is the first episode of the online series of videos The Swazzle Workshop. In this episode Tiger and Mousedeer show how to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex rod puppet. It was written by Patrick Johnson, Anita Coulter and performed by Sean Johnson, Victoria Johnson, Anita Coulter and Patrick Johnson who also directed the episode.


Mousedeer: Hi their, Welcome to the Swazzle Workshop. Today, We're gonna make a Tyrannosaurus Rex rod puppet. For this craft, you're gonna need...

Tiger: Hi their, And welcome to the Swazzle Workshop. Today, We're gonna be making a Tyrannosaurus

Mousedeer: Tiger!, what are you doing?

Tiger: Oh, um, I'm introducing my show, If you'll excuse me. Today, we're gonna be making a Tyrannosaurus...

Mousedeer: Our show, And i already said that part!

Tiger: Well what do i get to do?

Mousedeer: *sighs*, you can, um...

Tiger: I know, I'll tell everyone what they need to make the puppet!

Mousedeer: Okay...

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