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The Jelly News is a puppet-hosted video web series by Jellyfish Labs that first aired on October 28, 2005. The series highlights current events, weird news, and information about Jellyfish founder and main puppeteer, Phil Vischer.

This mock-news show features news anchor puppet, Buck Denver, and several other characters that appear as experts, special guests, or viewers. These other puppet characters include: Helen Rosenfiddle, Captain Pete, Kid on the Street, and Cutesy Pigtail Girl. There are also animated guests that have appeared on various episodes.


More Fun

In addition to the regular news stories, The Jelly News also has featured some extra stories, as any good newscast. To date, the two categories under this "More Fun" tab are Jelly of the Month and Pirate Etiquette with Captain Pete.

Jelly of the Month Episodes

Pirate Etiquette with Captain Pete


  • The Jelly News studio was rebuilt in January 2007.

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