Puzzle place
The Puzzle Place is a television series that contains a group of kids of different race and their two pets, Sizzle and Nuzzle. They help solve issues, such as racial discrimination, to figuring out a problem of their own. Both Muppet and Non-Muppet performers have been part of the show for over five years on PBS.


  • Julie Woo is a Chinese-American girl from San Francisco. She is portrayed by Alice Dinnean.
  • Kiki Flores is a Mexican-American girl from San Antonio. Carmen Osbahr portrayed her.
  • Ben Olafson is a boy of German and Norwegian descent from a farm near Renner. He is portrayed by Jim Martin.
  • Leon MacNeal is an African-American boy from New York City. He is portrayed by Noel MacNeal, whose last name is the same, and whose first name is spelled backwards.
  • Skye Nakaiye is an Apache boy from an Indian reservation in Arizona. Peter Linz portrayed him.
  • Jody Silver is a Lithuanian-Jewish girl from Cincinnati. Allison Mohrk portrayed her.
  • Sizzle and Nuzzle are an anthropomorphic cat-and-dog duo. Around the Puzzle Place kids, they act as actual animals. They are usually in a subplot. Sizzle, the cat, was portrayed by Alice Dinnean, who also played Julie. Whereas, Nuzzle, the dog, was portrayed by Peter Linz, who also played Skye.
  • The Piece Police are the inhabitants of the Puzzle Place. They don't really speak, but rather, they grumble; however, they understand the English language. They were portrayed by the same puppeteers who portrayed Kiki, Ben, Leon, and Jody.

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