Every month in The Swazzle Workshop, Tiger and Mousedeer demonstrate how to make new puppet. The Swazzle Workshop is written by Patrick Johnson, and Anita Coulter, and directed by Patrick Johnson. Swazzle puppeteers Sean Johnson, Victoria Johnson, Anita Coulter, and Tim Sweeney, and Patrick Johnson perform the puppets.


  • Episode 1, September 1, 2006: Tiger and Mousedeer show how to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex rod puppet.
  • Episode 2, October 1, 2006: Tiger and Mousedeer show how to make Rex and Boots shadow puppets, and a shadow puppet stage
  • Episode 3, November 1, 2006: Tiger and Mousedeer show how to make a B.A.R.K. the Robot Dog puppet from toilet paper tubes.
  • Episode 4, December 1, 2006: Tiger and Mousedeer show how to make Larry, Barry and Mary finger puppets.
  • Episode 5, January 14, 2007: Tiger, Mousedeer and Mama Dragon show how to make a dragon sock puppet.
  • Episode 6, February 9, 2007: Prarie Dog Pete helps Tiger and Mousedeer making an entire puppet show using one glove.



  • Eco Tip: Super Garbage Collector, Ricky Raccoon discusses how you can turn hose hold trash into puppet making materials.
  • Materials Tip: Walnut the Wizard discusses various puppet building materials.
  • Safety Tip: Jack Rabbit shares important safety information.
  • Puppet Show: Tiger and Mousedeer, try out their new puppets with a short puppet show.

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