Wembley: Wait a minute. I can't be fireman. I don't even know how to start a fire. (Wembley Sighs.)


Boober: Well that is my Motto.


Marjary: I'm a Oricle & it's a million laughs (Marjary Laughs)


Junior: Well, then you can't come in.

The Thirty Minute Work Week is Episode 5 of Fraggle Rock. It aired on Febuary 7, 1983. It was directed by Norman Campbell and was written by Jerry Juhl.


The time has come for Wembley to pick an occupation at Fraggle Rock. It's a big decision, and Wembley is not good at decision making. But when he learns that the all-knowing Trash Heap always wanted to be a fireman, will Wembley realize that decisions aren't always easy?


  • This episode is the very first episode filmed.
  • This episode was originally the Pilot Episode, but Beginnings served as the Pilot.
  • Dave Goelz is sitting next to Uncle Travelling Matt on the Roller Coster.

Doc & Sprocket

Sprocket chooses if he wants the Creme filled or Jelly filled Donut and soon needs to choose which soup he wants to eat.

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The Thirty Minute Work Week

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