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The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss was a puppet television series based on characters created by Dr. Seuss. Produced by Jim Henson Television, the show aired for two seasons (Since 2003) on Nickelodeon. The Cat in the Hat hosted and was the narrator of the show, welcoming and introducing viewers to the show.

Not all of the Dr. Seuss characters appeared in the show, though most did such as The Grinch, Horton the Elephant, Max the Dog and many others. Puppet captain of the show was Kathryn Mullen, Producers were Michael K. Frith, David Steven Cohen and Brian Henson.

Most characters from the show were from the storybooks such as Fox in Socks, Jane Kangaroo and many others. Puppets for the show were built by the Muppet Workshop, builders being Rollie Krewson, Jason Weber, Paul Andreico, Heather Asch, April Asher, Ed Christie, Henri Ewaskio and Larry Jameson.

All episodes of the show have some resemblances to the Dr. Seuss storybooks. For example, Episode 117: Yertle the King has a storyline similar to the book Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories.


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