A trickster tale from Indonesia about a young Mousedeer named Kantjil who teaches the Tiger that just because he is bigger, stronger and faster than her, he shouldn't act like such a bully.

Tiger and Mousedeer was built in 2002, and it was the first new puppet show built after Sean and Patrick made the move to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the first and only puppet show built under the company name The L.A. Puppet Professionals - the company name was changed to Swazzle for the 2004 season. Although it was built for the 2002 season it enjoyed it’s biggest run in summer of 2003. After the success of the 2003 tour, Swazzle began building two new puppet shows a year. While Jackal and Hedgehog is Swazzle’s oldest show, Tiger and Mousedeer is Swazzle’s longest running show.

The script was written by Victoria Johnson, Sean Johnson, and Patrick Johnson, based on an Indonesian folk tale. The puppets were built by Sean Johnson. The show was initially performed by Sean Johnson, and Victoria Johnson, and is now performed by Sean Johnson, Patrick Johnson, and Victoria Johnson.

The puppet show continues to tour, and now Tiger and Mousedeer can be seen hosting Swazzle’s monthly web series, The Swazzle Workshop.

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