Tim Lagasse is an award-winning puppeteer, puppet designer/fabricator, and film maker. He is a puppeteer for the Muppets, Dr. Suess, Between the Lions,

Characters he performed

Jet Setter Tutter, Fox in Socks (Season 2), Junior Kangaroo (Season 2), Annoying Greebles, Bunky Balaban, The Clam, Eskimo Kid, Mr. Moriarty Seagoon Eccles, Old Man Time, Scotty, The Speaker, Oobi, Barnaby B. "Buster" Busterfield III, Artie Smartypants, Gus the Bunny, Watson the Duck, Polka Dots, Basil, Mr. Cook, Tweeter, Ick, Wartz, Paz

External Links

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