Tony sinnett marionette

Tony Sinnett with marionette from Levis Viral AD

Tony Sinnett is currently living and working in the south east of England (UK). He designs, makes and performs marionette puppets, but he has also done some shadow puppetry work (’The Virgin Queen’ - BBC Television).
Tony sinnett shadowpuppetry

Shadow Puppetry for BBC Production 'The Virgin Queen'

Tony has made and performed marionettes for TV, film and theatre. He’s always been fascinated by puppets (particularily marionettes) but after leaving college he trained as a church pipe organ builder before setting up his own small handmade furniture business. A love of woodcarving brought Tony back to making marionettes some years later.

Recent commissions include making marionettes for Dick n Dom in da Bungalow (BBC Television) and making the marionette for a Viral Ad (Levis Jeans)which he helped perform alongside pricipal puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew.

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